Spongebob Capital

23 Jan 2019.

As you can imagine, it allows people to effortlessly type in alternating capital letters like the ones associated with all those Mocking Spongebob.

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Lindale Middle held a parade for its eighth grade graduates, celebrating Mo Gaba, a Baltimore sports superfan battling cancer.

sPoNgEbOb mEmE GeNeRaToR. gEnErAtE SpOnGeBoB TeXt! ©.

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New York governor is holding off on plans to reopen movie theaters, which could close off a major market that blockbusters.

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New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced this week that several types of businesses, including movie theaters, would not be.

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6 Jun 2017.

The combination of the alternating caps and the image of SpongeBob looking like a chicken add up to a butt-load of sarcastic disrespect.