Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Legacy Or Segwit

Legacy or Segwit Blockchain on my Ledger Nano S? What is the difference?À la création d'un wallet Bitcoin sur mon Ledger Nano S, on me demande de choisir entre Legacy ou SegWit. Que choisir ? Il est recommandé de sélectionner .

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两者都可以。建议选择SegWit,降低你以后转账时的手续费。 对你而言,交易所用哪 种地址都无所谓,因为Legacy和SegWit地址之间可以互相转账,不用担心丢币。

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27 Apr 2020.

Transferring BTC from an exchange to your Ledger Nano S.

“Bitcoin.” Then it will ask you to choose between the “Legacy” or “Segwit” types of.

29 Aug 2018.


a Segwit extended private key imported in Mycelium from a Ledger Nano S?.

The Mycelium wallet imports the xpub address which is generated by the Ledger Segwit wallet, but creates legacy addresses from the key.

wallet, so you want the private key which signs for the public legacy bitcoin address.