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Humpback whales feeding on krill | Deep into the Wild | BBCWhales are always on the move, so they have to eat a lot to keep them going.

These whales catch their food, such as squid and fish, by either sucking them into.

Find out where ambergris, also known as floating gold, really comes from.

From one of Australia’s greatest artists to one of its finest swimmers, to a member of the NASA team that landed a rover on.

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Jeremy A. Goldbogen, John Calambokidis, Ari S. Friedlaender, John Francis, Stacy L. DeRuiter, rolling manoeuvres by lunge-feeding blue whales. Underwater.

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25 Nov 2019.

By Jeremy A. Goldbogen.

Randy Morse,

By feeding in bulk on dense aggregations of prey, baleen whales can.

22 Sep 2016.


Marine Station have captured whales' feeding habits on camera.

their own body,” said co-author Jeremy Goldbogen, assistant professor of.