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Feature requests. 2 сообщения • Страница 1 из 1. paul9115 Сообщения: 1 Зарегистрирован: 12 май 2020, 13:58. Feature requests. Сообщение paul9115 » 12 май 2020, 14:11 . I would like to request a few features for future versions of the bot Farm finder The feature would take the following options: Distance – Number of fields from the.

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Please add a feature where we can schedule a refresh according to our mentioned time. For example 3:10 PM, 4:10 PM.

which includes in a single storage engine request the aggregations required for multiple measures, whereas this feature has not been implemented for MDX queries. Implementing fusion for MDX queries would dramatically improve the performance of.

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Feature Requests. 40. Create a Post. Title. Details. Create Post. Powered by Canny. Showing. Trending. posts. 3. Ability to choose badge/certificate display by default. When we use both certificate and badge for a credential, we want to specify which one to show by default in different cases, so we can emphasize one or the other. 0. 3. Export graphs from the analytics view . It would be great.

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If you are missing a feature in Workspace 365, feel free to register your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Up-voting.

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3 Jan 2018.

It's a feature request. Our support team sees a dozen or so feature requests every day. Deciding how to handle feature requests like this one is.

Aligning Product Strategy with Customer Feature Requests7 Nov 2017.

A brand new feature request e.g. the customer is asking for something that's not yet supported in your product. Let's explore these in some more.